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If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, you've come to the right place! Welcome to Bright Future Recovery, located in Hollister, California. This is where you will find the answers and solutions you're looking for! Addiction is not something that is fixed overnight; it takes the right professionals, education, and tools to overcome addiction. Bright Future Recovery helps your family and loved ones get through this difficult period, from beginning to end. We understand the hurt, worry, anger, and concerns that you are experiencing. Take the first step to a brighter future for yourself, family or loved one today and contact us today.

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You may be wondering whether your loved one has a serious addiction problem, and the steps needed to take action. Don't worry—we are here to help. Start with a free consultation, and then move forward with a professionally facilitated intervention. Don't wait for your loved one's addiction to grow worse. We can help you to intervene, bringing the powerful addiction to light. We don't only intervene with you and your family, but we determine the best course of treatment and aftercare to help ensure ongoing addiction recovery. We monitor your loved one after treatment to ensure ongoing sobriety.

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Detoxifying can be an extremely difficult process for both mind and body. Physical cravings and strong emotions can accompany the detox process. At Bright Future Recovery, detoxing is done in peace and tranquility in a beautiful and comforting environment. There's safety and security with our professional, caring staff to guide you along. You will also keep active by enjoying several activities to help get your body back into a healthy condition. Keeping active is important during detoxification, not only to help improve your physical health, but to occupy your mind as well. So start on the road to recovery today with a simple phone call.

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About Us

Cheree Davila, owner of Bright Future Recovery, has expanded her love for helping others into an addictions treatment recovery home. Bright Future Recovery has firsthand experience with the understanding of addiction and the toll it takes, not only on the addicted individual, but on the family and loved ones also involved. Bright Future Recovery understands the consequences of making a choice that one knows may be destructive to oneself and others. When it comes to addiction, addicts face many consequences of their actions. We also believe in chances—the chances that people take to turn their life around. We all have a chance at having a family, building trust back up, succeeding in a good career, and achieving goals. Ultimately, we are all given a chance to accomplish whatever we set our minds to.

We wholeheartedly believe an individual can give change a chance to turn a consequence into a life lesson learned. Over the years, Cheree, the owner, has delivered drug education lectures to over 18,000 students. She has participated in numerous community events and fairs. She continues to support local rallies and parades. Bright Future Recovery has open arms to help guide people into a brighter future and open doors to invite those who want to contribute back to their community.

"Cheree has helped me and my family out greatly before I stopped using drugs I was a big mess and Cheree introduce my family to a program that helped me out a lot and she's been nothing but awesome and she has guided me in the right path and always been here to support me and if it wasn't for her help I wouldn't be where i am today she is the best supporter and a great friend to me!"—B.G.


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