Detoxify in Tranquility

Bright Future Recovery offers residents a tranquil environment in which to detoxify and recover. A combination of rest and activities helps the body and mind to recover in a healthy and gradual way, all the while being helped by our professional staff.

Recovery Program

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Bright Future Recovery offers a recovery prep program as part of our treatment options. When an individual decides to change their life for the better and end their road of addiction, we help them achieve that goal. The individual can face difficult challenges, both physically and mentally. Substance abuse not only alters the mind, it also builds up a physical tolerance that can be dangerous if not monitored and handled correctly. Physical withdrawals of drugs and/or alcohol can be overwhelming for the addict. Our recovery prep program offers the addict a very warm, comfortable setting to get through the first stage of recovery.

Bright Future Recovery sits on a gorgeous acre in Hollister, California, surrounded by the green hills. Having a homelike environment while the individual is detoxing is crucial for the mind and body while getting through the withdrawal symptoms.

Our Home Is Your Home

We are a six-bed program. Males have private rooms and females share a large master bedroom with private bathroom. Our 24-hour staff offers one-on-one time with our residents to make sure they have what they need during their detox process. Bright Future Recovery understands that during this process most individuals want to relax and rest. After a couple days of recovery, it is important to start getting physical ability back on track.

Keeping Active

We have a variety of activities for the individuals, such as basketball, ping-pong, pool, and exercise equipment. Getting outside for a walk or small jog when the individual is up for it can help ease physical symptoms. Bright Future Recovery also offers church for those who are religious and NA or AA meetings for those who want to start sharing their story or simply listening to others. Attending groups is a powerful way of supporting others going through the process of recovery. We encourage those who are in need of a prep program to give us a call, so we can answer any and all questions. Bright Future Recovery is here to get those in need back on track as smoothly and as comfortably as possible.