Guided Family Interventions

Bright Future Recovery offers confidential and personal addictions treatment options in Hollister, California. After your treatment, we make sure you're keeping well and follow up with aftercare.

Free Confidential Call

You start with a free phone or in-person consultation, depending on your location. This provides you with an opportunity to confide in our addiction specialist for advice as well as to express your concerns and ask all the questions you may have. During this consultation, we let you know about all the opportunities available to meet your needs while taking into consideration your finances, location, and the type of treatment you require. Start now with your personal confidential consultation.

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Bright Future Recovery offers pre-, during-, and post-family interventions for substance abuse, alcoholism, sex addiction, eating disorders, and gambling. This includes, but is not limited to, meeting with the family in person or on the phone to discuss the indicated patient's (IP) personal situation. The beginning process consists of a series of personal, in-depth questions to better understand what is needed to approach the IP.

Example Consultation Questions

Performing the initial consultation allows us to better understand how to go about performing an intervention. Questions include:
•Where Is the Addict Living?
•Are They Working?
•What Substances Do They Consume?
•How Long Have They Been Using?
•How Much Money Do They Spend?
•Are They Suicidal?
•Do They Have Legal Matters?

The Interventionist

Once the interventionist has gathered enough knowledge on the individual's background, she or he then plans with family or loved ones when to proceed with the actual intervention. Once the intervention date and time is set, the interventionist arranges with family for transportation to arrive at the intervention location. The intervention will take place at the location where the family feels is best for their loved one. This may be at the family home, a park, or other location. The interventionist will help the family determine who is best to participate in the intervention.

Prior to Intervening

The family and friends of the IP meet with an interventionist to go over how the intervention is going to play out. During the intervention, the interventionist will guide the family through the intervention process.

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Agreeing to Treatment

Once the IP agrees to treatment, depending on which facility the family has agreed upon, the interventionist will accompany the IP either by vehicle or airplane. The interventionist ascertains that IP has arrived safely. The interventionist will continue to be available via phone for any follow-up questions, concerns, and advice the family and loved ones may have post-intervention. Bright Future Recovery also offers additional web interventions that may be needed for an IP during their rehabilitation program.

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Post-Treatment Aftercare

Bright Future Recovery offers a one-year, first-stage monitoring program. This program is for individuals who have just completed a rehabilitation program, individuals who may be on a probationary period through their work due to substance abuse, or incident that involved medications or alcohol, as well as individuals whose families feel it is necessary to prevent a substance abuse problem.

Aftercare Monitoring

The first stage of the monitoring program has been statistically proven to keep Individuals on their toes when it comes to using and abusing drugs and alcohol. Once signed up for monitoring, the individual is required to provide a urine analysis (UA) test at random. They are alerted via text message, phone call, or email when and where to test. This program does not require an individual to remain in one city or state, as there are monitoring labs nationwide. The UA provides the monitoring system information on drug and alcohol usage. If the UA is positive, it can mean increasing UA testing from twice to three times a month. The first-stage monitoring program also offers a breathalyzer that will help those with alcohol backgrounds as well as preventing a drug substitution problem. 


Bright Future Recovery focuses on the needs of the addict. We understand that every individual requires different treatment approaches. If we feel that the addict will benefit from other professional services, we are happy to provide the client with contact information during the free confidential call.