The Right Addiction Treatment for You

Bright Future Recovery is a rehab center located in Hollister, California. We offer professional and caring treatment for substance abuse and chemical dependency. Don't waste another minute waiting. Start on the path to recovery now!

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The Right Treatment for You

When it comes to addiction, choosing the right treatment is crucial. Addictions can be powerful and difficult to overcome. Whether it's substance abuse, sex addiction, eating disorder, or gambling, finding the right help determines your success. After an assessment by an addiction specialist, we start you on the right treatment plan

The Need for Treatment

We define treatment as helping you to achieve health and well-being. We consider your health to be the key to a happy, successful life. You need a clear mind and body to pursue your goals and life desires.

Our Treatment Approach

Treatment is tailored for you, based on your own personal needs. Our treatments include:
• Residential Rehabilitation
• Medical Detox
• Group Therapy
• One-on-One Counseling
• Equine Therapy
• Cognitive & Mindfulness Approach
• Fitness & Nutrition
•12 Step is Offered


Feel safe and secure with a caring staff you can trust. Our nurse has been in addiction and recovery for 15 years, and our staff is made up of professionals with the proper credentials and experience. We also work with wonderful doctors who specialize in addictions. So trust us, not only as a family-oriented and friendly recovery home, but one that offers staff and medical personnel who truly understand and specialize in recovery.



We believe in making our services as affordable as possible. We accommodate your individual needs to the best of their ability. Most programs accept a variety of insurance plans. There are also scholarships that programs may offer to help meet the financial needs of the guarantor. Loans and payment plans are also available. Our goal and purpose is to help individuals get into the right treatment program to give them a fresh start and a new chance at a better life, no matter what the financial circumstances may be. We accommodate all in need of professional help!