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Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers Near You

Finding the Right Detox Centers Near You Shouldn't Be Hard

Attending drug and alcohol detox treatment centers and breaking your body’s physical and chemical dependence is the first step to beginning a life of recovery. Detox prepares you for the real work of recovery in outpatient or inpatient addiction treatment. It allows you to begin your recovery with a healthier body and a clear head.

Should I Consider Traveling for Treatment?

If you have the resources, traveling away from home for drug and alcohol treatment, including detox, is worth exploring. While it may be beneficial to stay close to home for your drug and alcohol treatment program for various reasons, like having family members nearby to visit you and to participate in family therapy or other involvement, there are also some valid reasons to consider attending a rehab in another city or state, including:  

  • Less likely to quit the program – Treatment programs for addiction are challenging. Being away from home, somewhere that it requires travel arrangements to leave and go home, makes it more likely that you will stay and complete your program. 
  • Feeling of having a new start – Traveling for addiction treatment often gives people a sense of starting over, which is a mindset that can be very beneficial to recovery. 
  • Physical distance – This can be an advantage for some individuals because it gets them away from triggers, negative influences, and distractions that they may have close to home, so they can focus solely on their recovery program. 
  • Additional privacy – People who are well-known in their community often like the added layer of privacy they have when they travel for treatment. 

Choosing the Right Detox Centers Near You

Choosing the right addiction treatment center often requires some consideration and research. It has to be more than a Google search for “detox centers near me.” There are numerous different types of detox treatment facilities and programs. Answering the following questions will help you make your decision: 

  • Has your doctor made recommendations for what type of treatment program you should look for? Detox, outpatient or inpatient?
  • Do the detox facilities you are looking at have licensing and accreditations that are relevant to the industry? 
  • Are staff members credentialed? 
  • Is it important for you to complete a detox program before starting outpatient or inpatient treatment? (This is crucial if you’re addicted to alcohol, because withdrawal symptoms can be severe, and even life-threatening.)
  • Is traveling for treatment an option, or is it necessary for you to be close to home? 
  • Are you looking for specialized therapies or amenities like a faith-based based approach, gender-specific detox, massage, gourmet meals, and others?
  • Does the facility allow family involvement in its programs? 
  • Is there aftercare provided when you complete your program? 

These are some of the questions you should research or ask as you are making your decision about where to go for addiction treatment. You may have others that you want to ask. Don’t be afraid to question a few different facilities to find the one that is right for you. Choosing a drug and alcohol treatment center where you feel comfortable and supported can be a great help to the success of your treatment. 

How Much Does Detox Rehab Cost Near You?

Treatment costs for detox and other drug and alcohol addiction programs can be tricky to pin down, as they will vary depending on a number of factors including location, insurance coverage, and services required. Fortunately, insurance companies are covering more treatment options than ever before, and many rehabilitation centers have financing options or discounts. While treatment costs should be a factor that is considered when choosing a rehabilitation facility, though they should not hold you back from seeking treatment.  

It’s understandable to be hesitant about taking on debt to go to drug and alcohol treatment, but it’s a step that can change the rest of your life. Think about it as making an investment in your own well-being. It will help you get your life, relationships, and career back on track. The investment will more than pay for itself over time – it may just save your life. 

How to Pay for Detox Center Near You

If you have health insurance, it’s safe to assume that at least a portion of your treatment will be covered. The exact amount of coverage depends on your individual insurance policy. Some plans cover only part of the overall cost of drug and alcohol treatment, while others will cover the entire cost. You can contact your health insurance provider to see what your substance abuse treatment benefits cover. 

If your insurance doesn’t cover the whole cost, you will be responsible for paying the balance. You may need to obtain a loan from friends or family members or apply for a personal bank loan. Additionally, there are many addiction treatment centers, including those with detox programs, that will help you with a payment plan that allows you to pay the balance over time.

What if I Don’t Have Insurance Coverage?

If you don’t have health insurance that will help you cover the cost of addiction treatment, you don’t have to despair. You still have a few options that will help you get the treatment you need. First, you can look for treatment centers that are low-cost or free. There are many such facilities like that available. These types of addiction treatment centers are often full, so you may have to be added to a waiting list to get in. While this may be inconvenient, it’s much better than not seeking help at all. If this is your only option, don’t give up – you will get in, it just may take some time. 

You may also choose to ask your friends or family to help you cover the cost of treatment with financial gifts or loans. After seeing you struggling with addiction, they may actually be happy to help you get clean and sober. If that’s not an option, you can check with your bank to see if you can get a personal loan to cover the cost.

How Can Bright Future Recovery Help You?

If you want to break free from the bonds of addiction, a drug and alcohol detox center is the place to start. It’s important to remember though, that successfully completing detox doesn’t mean that further treatment isn’t necessary. Inpatient addiction treatment offers the best outcomes for those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, and the best chances for long-term recovery. Contact [Brand] for more information about how to get started with your recovery today.

Who We Are

Bright Future Recovery is a family oriented drug & alcohol detox center in Northern California. Our facility is situated on a large, tranquil plot of land on the outskirts of California’s Bay Area. You can allow your mind and body to relax from the intensity of withdrawal by doing yoga, equine therapy, getting a message, using our sauna, using natural relaxation oils or taking an Epsom salt bath here. And for when you want to start rebuilding muscle and endurance, you can work out, play basketball or ping pong, or go walking or running outdoors.

How We Can Help


Medical Detox

The first step to restarting your life is removing the toxicity that has kept you hostage. Bright Future Recovery is here to get those in need back on track as smoothly and comfortably as possible.



Bright Future Recovery have developed leading drug and alcohol intervention services that guide and support families, as well as the one needing addiction detox services.


Relapse Prevention

Bright Future Recovery is the first touchpoint for many families. Our Case Management and Aftercare program works like an addiction treatment and recovery umbrella.

Our Facilities

Two homes to better treat the individual; one for adolescents only, the other for adults only.


Bright Future Recovery

1000 Fairview Dr.
Hollister, CA 95023
(831) 661-8942
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BFR - Oliver House

1345 San Benito St.
Hollister, CA 95023
(831) 250-1336
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BFR - Avila Heights

6850 Ontario Rd.
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
(805) 549-5705
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Bright Future Recovery Located?

Answer: We’re located in a remote part of Hollister, California, not far south of Silicon Valley. We have a large property where you can stretch your legs and not feel like neighbors are peeking in on your every move. Inside, the home was recently refurbished and now features high-end furniture and decorations.

Bright Future Recovery is a place where you can get away from it all as you focusing on beating withdrawal and starting your recovery on the right foot. Even so, our property is close enough to town that you don’t feel disconnected from society.

What is Bright Future Recovery?

Answer: A Family Oriented Drug & Alcohol Detox Center in Northern California. We offer a range of intervention and addiction treatment services to accommodate each person involved. Take the first step to a brighter future for yourself, family or loved one today, call (831) 245-1623.

How Long Does Detox Take?

Answer: We have a 7 to 10-day detox program. Medications are given on a taper system, and the dosage is determined by a licensed physician. The length of detox is determined upon appointment.

What Can You Expect From Our Detox Program?

Answer: Medications are given on a taper system, and dosage is determined by a licensed physician. The length of detox is determined upon by appointment.

Medications that may be given include:

  • Methadone – Strictly used to detox heavy methadone use. The dose is slowly decreased until the client no longer needs the medication.
  • Hydroxyzine – Helps reduce anxiety symptoms.
  • Subutex – Used to reduce anxiety, agitation, muscle aches, sweating, runny nose, yawning and cramping.
  • Ambien – Short-term use to aid with sleep during detox.

We also encourage taking Epsom salt baths to help aid in muscle relaxation. Melatonin and valerian root may be given to help the client sleep.

How Much Does Detox Costs?

Answer: Costs include 24-hour supervision and monitoring, room and board in a private or shared room, intake evaluation, counseling and therapy sessions as well as nutritious food freshly prepared daily.

How Are Families Involved During Detox?

Answer: We usually try to limit family contact during the detox process and let the clients take this time to themselves. That being said, we can update families on their loved ones’ progress during the detox stage. After detox, clients will have more opportunities to communicate and interact with their families.

Make note that we almost always solicit the family’s input prior to starting treatment with a new client – to help us customize his or her recovery plan. We see addiction recovery as a family-wide process, so their involvement is paramount.

Who Is On Staff to Handle Prescription Drug Detox?

Answer: We are partnered with a licensed doctor who can prescribe medication, if needed, to help allay the discomfort of withdrawal and to help the client come off drugs safely. We also have a registered nurse and other medical experts on staff to help with the other areas of care needed during the detox period.