Admission Process

Our Admission Process

Bright Future Recovery is a 6-bed addiction detox facility located south of the Bay Area in California. Use this page to find out how to get admitted into our facility and what you should bring with you.

It’s natural to be nervous before being admitted into a medical detox program. After all, who really prepares for such a thing?

The process of being admitted into Bright Future Recovery typically progresses as follows:

  1. Review our website – especially our ServicesPrograms and Facility pages – to make sure Bright Future sounds like the right fit for you or your loved one.
  2. Contact us either by phone or by email to inquire about a spot in our facility and to have us check your insurance to see if you’re covered for detox treatment. (We will do our best to make sure there’s room for you.)
    • This is the time where you can also ask about scheduling an intervention if it’s your loved one who needs treatment and you’re having trouble convincing them to accept help.
  3. If everything lines up, as far as payment and an available spot, then you’re clear to head over to our facility. We can help with travel tips and arrangements if you’re coming from out of town.
  4. Once you get here, your first day will include a thorough intake assessment in order to customize your detox program – including whether medication will be needed – and to start building out your extended treatment plan.

We know the stay with us is short, but to ensure that you are comfortable and have all of your necessities, we have created an easy-to-use packing list.

Here is a list of personal items we recommend you bring with you:

  • Clothing/outfits for 7-10 days
  • 1 nice outfit for church, if desired
  • 1 set exercise clothing
  • 1 pair tennis shoes (Hiking)
  • 1 pair old shoes (Equine Therapy)
  • 1 pair appropriate pajamas/sleepwear
  • 1 coat/hoodie (as needed)
  • Prescribed medications, if applicable

*Do not bring any clothing that has profanity, drug or alcohol logos, gang signs or is revealing.


We provide basic toiletries and towels. However, you are welcome to bring brand new unused of your choice.


We do allow tobacco use but will not provide this. Please be sure to bring these with you, you will have the opportunity to purchase more by adding funds to your account for store orders.

If you have questions about any other items you wish to bring, please contact us for clarification.

Drug Rehab Insurance Coverage

We work with most major insurance providers to find partial or full coverage for our clients. Insurance plans vary wildly, so it’s difficult to say with full certainty if you will be covered.

The good news is many insurance plans cover addiction detox treatment. We can’t say the same for inpatient programs, but to this date, detox programs remain rather insurance friendly.

We’re eager to help you learn what your insurance covers, and to help you begin your journey toward taking your life back from addiction. Call us or submit our contact form to request more information, and a representative will respond and provide the answers you seek.

FAQs About Our

Detox Addiction Treatment Program

in California

Still have questions about how our detox program and supplemental services can help you or a loved one beat addiction?

Click on any of the following frequently asked questions to learn more:

Detox treatment at Bright Future Recovery is so much more than handing you medication to help you come down from your past substance of choice. We offer a comprehensive experience that will help you begin to recover mentally and physically from the addiction.

Our facility is situated on a large, tranquil plot of land on the outskirts of California’s Bay Area. You can allow your mind and body to relax from the intensity of withdrawal by doing yoga, equine therapy, getting a message, using our sauna, and using natural relaxation oils or taking an Epsom salt bath here. And for when you want to start rebuilding muscle and endurance, you can work out, play basketball or ping pong, or go walking or running outdoors.

We’re also an exclusive facility that only treats up to nine clients at a time, so you will receive plenty of individual attention from our staff and you’ll have a better chance of really getting to know your peers than you would in an overcrowded, bustling facility

Additionally, Bright Future Recovery is so much more than addiction detox services. As you read above, we can help plan and manage your entire rehab journey and then monitor your sobriety after you’ve graduated treatment. And if you’re reading this on behalf of a loved one struggling with addiction, you can use our professional intervention service to help coax this individual into rehab.

The Bright Future Recovery detox program lasts between 7 and 10 days. The length for each client will depend on the substance they used and the severity of their addiction. Essentially, the amount of time they need for detox treatment will coincide with their acute withdrawal symptoms.

Some clients will overcome acute withdrawal about a week after they last took their substance; these individuals usually exit our program after 7 days. Clients with severe alcohol and heroin addictions may need the full 10 days or more before graduating.

Other substances such as stimulants and benzodiazepines are known for longer acute withdrawal timelines, so clients who were addicted to one of these two drugs typically need 10 days of detox treatment.

When you meet with our partner doctor prior to beginning the program, they will help determine the length of treatment needed. Thus, you and your family will not be left in the dark about how long the program will take for you.