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Addiction Recovery Services

From intervention to long-term aftercare, Bright Future Recovery offers our clients a number of addiction recovery pre-, during, and post-rehab services. Through our case management process, we help individuals and families with treatment planning and coordinate care, help clients access outside services when needed, and evaluate each individual’s progress from detox to outpatient care.

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Addiction Program Highlights

Drug and alcohol addiction is detrimental to the health of the individual struggling with the disease, as well as their family. No one should ever detox from alcohol, prescription drugs such as opioids, benzodiazepines, or heroin, on their own. Withdrawals can be life threatening. Clients need to be monitored by medical professionals to ensure safety. We offer safe and comfortable medical detox.

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Treatment Admissions Process

Bright Future Recovery has two facilities: one for adults (ages 18+), and one for adolescents (ages 13-18). Both are located south of the Bay Area in Northern California, providing an age-appropriate treatment experience founded on trust. Confidentiality and transparency are what you’ll find here, beginning with the pre-admission process. For admissions information, find details now.

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Addiction Recovery in Northern California.
We help families, one addiction at a time.

Addiction is not something that can be fixed overnight. It takes the right addiction professionals, education, and life skills to overcome this struggle. Bright Future Recovery helps executives who need treatment, adolescents battling addictions, and people of all ages get through personal obstacles from beginning to end, by including loved ones into the fold of treatment. We understand the hurt, worry, anger and concerns that take place in the family when one of their own is battling addiction.

Take a deep breath and know we are here to help!

Bright Future Recovery Founder, Cheree Ashley, has taken into consideration all the support that is needed to get clients and their families through the recovery process with minimal worry and concern. Our primary goal is to help the individual who is suffering from mental health and chemical dependencies. However, we know that long-term recovery success runs parallel to positivity and family support. This is why our programs include the family every step of the way.

More About Our Services

Bright Future Recovery offers a range of intervention and addiction treatment services to accommodate each person involved. Take the first step to a brighter future for yourself, family or loved one today, call (831) 245-1623.

Our Facilities

Two homes to better treat the individual; one for adolescents only, the other for adults only.

Teen Home

Respecting the sensitivity of youth
under the backdrop of accountability.

Adolescent Facility

Adult Residence

Treating the individual through practices
that support whole health.

Adult Facility

Programs that Work

We understand the nature of substance addiction and how it can cycle in and out of one’s life. Because it is a recurring disease, ensuring that our clients receive the necessary tools to help get in front of the personal stressors and triggers that increase their risk for relapse is essential, and part of every program.

Our treatment methodology embraces holistic therapies that heal and engage the mind and body, as well as the spirit.

When you lead with compassion, the soul awakens to mend what was once broken into something greater than ever imagined.

Hope Follows

No matter what you’re going through, drug intervention, addiction treatment and recovery offer a better place of being. Through our detox, inpatient residential and aftercare programs, you’ll restore all the good in you and carry it forward into a life of sobriety.

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If medication-assisted treatment is necessary to ease the body into a healthier state, our medical staff will assess and administer the right MAT program providing a gentler way to recover. Moreover, each client receives options on how to gain greater self-awareness and self-love through mindfulness practices, fitness, nutrition, and relaxation techniques that boost self-esteem and productivity skills.

Recovery doesn’t start and stop at rehab. It’s a lifelong process that must be nurtured and strengthened over time. Our holistic and specialized treatment programs cater to the individual and support sobriety longevity.

Our Program Principles

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