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Safe Drug and Alcohol Detox

Drug and alcohol addiction is detrimental to the health of the individual struggling as well as the family involved. No one should ever detox from alcohol, prescription drugs such as opioids and benzodiazepines or heroin on their own. The withdrawals can be life threatening and need to be monitored by medical professionals. We offer medical detox services that are safe and comfortable.

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Addiction Recovery Services

From intervention to long-term aftercare, Bright Future Recovery offers our clients a number of addiction recovery pre-, during, and post rehab services. During the case management process, we will help individuals and families with treatment planning, we will coordinate care, help our client’s access outside services, and evaluate each individual’s progress from detox to outpatient care.

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Adolescent Addiction Program

As the growing need for substance abuse programs for teens continues to increase, Bright Future Recovery has decided to open up a second detox program, specifically developed to help adolescents ages 12-17. Here our Northern California rehab our teen clients can receive the care they need to detox safely and overcome chemical dependencies in a caring and home-like setting.

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California Drug and Alcohol Detox

Addiction Recovery in Northern California.
We help families one addiction at a time.

Addiction is not something that is fixed overnight. It takes the right addiction professionals, education, and life skills to overcome this struggle. Bright Future Recovery helps executives who need treatment, adolescents battling addictions, and people of all ages get through personal obstacles from beginning to end, by including loved ones into the fold of support. We understand the hurt, worry, anger and concerns that take place in the family when one of their own is battling addiction.

Take a deep breath and know we are here to help!

Bright Future Recovery Founder, Cheree Ashley, has taken into consideration all the support that is needed by the family to get through the recovery process with minimal worry and concern. Our primary goal is to help the individual who is suffering from mental health and chemical dependences, of course. However, we know the only way anyone can hope to stay sober long-term is from family support. This is why our programs include the family every step of the way.

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Bright Future Recovery offers a range of addiction treatment services to accommodate each and every person involved. Take the first step to a brighter future for yourself, family or loved one today and call (831) 245-1623.

The Bright Future Recovery Detox and Addiction Services Treatment Philosophy

Bright Future Recovery was born from the idea that all lives matter.  We believe in doing good by helping others. What better way to show love and compassion for our fellow men than to serve those in need?

As substance abuse and addiction continues to take thousands of American’s lives each year, Bright Future is focused on one main objective: saving lives.

Consequences and Chances 

Overcoming addiction is not easy. Through experience we have learned that if an induvial is allowed to continue destructive behavior, they will. By facing consequences for their actions, addicts can begin to learn and gain the skills they need to take control of their decisions. 

The process of facing your decisions head on and accepting the consequences of your actions can be humbling. In order to apply the tools and skills needed to be successful long term, we also believe in chances. We know through the process of healing and learning individuals will still make mistakes. It’s all about accepting the outcome and taking what is needed from the experience to grow. Remember, setbacks are temporary. 

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What is Drug and Alcohol Detox?

What is Detox?

Detoxing is when an individual abstains from consuming a particular substance in an attempt to rid their body completely of said substance.

A drug detoxing in terms of addiction refers to the systematic procedure in which the addicted client tapers off the drug until it is no longer in their system.

Substance abuse not only alters the mind, but it also builds up a physical tolerance that can be dangerous if not monitored and handled correctly. Our recovery prep program offers the addict a very warm, comfortable setting to get through the first stage of recovery that is detoxing.


What is Withdrawal?

What is Substance Withdrawal?

When one who is addicted to substances stops taking them, they will experience withdrawal symptoms – both physically and psychologically.

Physical withdrawals of drugs and/or alcohol can be overwhelming and very uncomfortable for the addict. These symptoms differ depending on the substance, and have the potential to be lethal if not properly supervised by addiction professionals.

Will Detox Be Painful?

Will Detox Be Painful?

Detoxing from a substance and experiencing withdrawal symptoms can be difficult, and the methods one uses to detox may be a strong factor in what symptoms you experience.

Bright Recovery Future will take all measures possible to ensure that any pain experienced will be as minimal as possible, and will discuss with you any recommended pain management techniques to help.

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