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About Bright Future Recovery

When there’s help, there’s hope.

Who We Are

We have first-hand experience with the understanding of addiction and the toll it takes not only on the addicted individual, but the family and loved ones also involved.

Bright Future Recovery has open arms to help guide people in a brighter future and open doors to inviting those who want to contribute to a drug free and crime free society.

Cheree Ashley


CEO, Director of Bright Future Recovery

Cheree Ashley, the owner of Bright Future Recovery, has expanded her love for helping others into a business that will flourish and prosper with one product: saving lives.

Over the years, Cheree has delivered drug education lectures to over 18,000 students. She has participated in numerous community events and fairs and she continues to support local rallies and parades.

Cheree believes in consequences, and knows that somebody who is making a choice that may be destructive to themselves or others will eventually face a consequence. When it comes to addiction, addicts face many consequences by their actions.

Cheree also believes in chances. Chances that people can take to turn their life around, chances of families building trust back up, chances of succeeding in a good career, chances of achieving goals, and a chance to accomplish whatever one sets their mind towards.

Cheree and the team at Bright Future Recovery believe an individual can give change a chance to turn a consequence into a life lesson learned.

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