Holistic Therapies (Equine, Massage, Gym)

Beyond the clinical side of drug and alcohol rehab, there exist real-time practices that support whole recovery, known as holistic therapy for detox, addiction treatment, and relapse prevention.

Holistic Therapies Support Whole Health

Addiction recovery is a lifelong commitment, applied through specific lifestyle principles. Once learned, this holistic way of being remains a personal guiding light.

Understanding the how and why of an individual’s addictive behaviors is essential to regaining control of personal choice. Because drug and alcohol addiction is a recurring disease, personal choice is questioned each day through the people, places, and memories that can taunt a person towards relapse.

Holistic therapies are there to calm, quell and absolve the negativity that arises in daily life, by elevating the mind, body, and spirit into positivity.

Benefits of Holistic Therapies

Meant as preventative measures and sources for deflecting self-defeating thoughts, holistic therapies have been around for centuries worldwide. Researchers and scientists in Eastern and Western cultures have witnessed the benefits that holistic methods of healing provide. They help strengthen the body, restore the soul, and quiet the mind from harmful distractions that often come about without warning.

When you go beyond self, you connect to something bigger.

Drug and alcohol addiction engage a person to focus on self, without regard for others. During addiction treatment, though an individual must focus on personal healing, acts of selflessness are welcomed as they demonstrate the ability to step outside of oneself for the betterment of others.

Once a person becomes more aware of their own gifts and talents and how these, once shared, can positively impact others, the practice of holistic therapies and their importance becomes abundantly clear.

By enhancing physical agility, mental stamina, and emotional intelligence, addiction recovery is that much more attainable. Through gym time, massage, equine therapy, and other realms of mindfulness, the body’s natural fight or flight response mechanism is reset to healthy balance. This helps provide the necessary tools to tackle each day and overcome potential obstacles in maintaining sobriety, supporting greater mental health.

Learn more about holistic therapies at Bright Future Recovery, below.

Equine Therapy

Equine therapy is the use of horses in a therapeutic setting. The client will spend time with a horse each week (feeding, grooming, exercise), developing a trust with the horse. The client will eventually learn to saddle the horse. This type of therapy has been seen to create life changing benefits in those individuals who are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.

Why is it effective?

Animals have a keen sense in relaxing people, hence why therapy animals have been on the rise in the past decade. They have proven to decrease anxiety, alleviate pain, improve mood, and decrease stress. In the drug detox and rehab portion, it gives the client a new point of focus. The client learns to refocus their attention to responsibility, trust, and accountability.

At Bright Future Recovery, we have a partnership with a local ranch where we take our clients to experience this twice a week.

Equine Therapy Infographic

Massage Therapy

The drug detox process and heavy substance abuse play a harsh toll on your body and mind.

Bright Recovery Future wants to help alleviate you of this stress through therapeutic massage sessions, focused on maximizing your comfort during this program. Relax with us as we bring in a professional massage therapist to help relax and aid you in your detoxification all in the comfort of our facility (2-3 times a week).

Gym Therapy

We encourage our clients to attend the gym every morning with a staff member, once you feel OK to do so.

It is important to get those muscles moving and the body sweating to help aid in the drug detox process. Fat stores the drug compound, so moving the body and having the fat cells break apart allows the body to detox to the best potential.