What You Can Expect

Holistic Treatment Of Physical And Emotional Symptoms

Our fully certified medical staff will ensure you receive the best of care during all stages of addiction recovery; beginning with detox. We can administration any medications that become necessary.

Once the acute physical symptoms of detox have begun to subside, we will address the remaining physical and emotional effects with a number of residential treatment programs designed to provide a holistic approach to addiction recovery. We will craft an individual approach to your detox and recovery, which may include:

  • Massage therapy
  • Yoga
  • Recreational Excursions
  • Relaxation oils
  • Epsom salt baths

Each day will include a positive approach to recovery via the body, mind, and psyche. It’s why you’ll find a variety of therapies and approaches designed to address all parts of the recovery process. You’ll find our focus on your inner peace integral in our approach to behavioral, group, and talk therapy. In addition, access to A.A., N.A., and religious programs round out the spiritual and psychological components of your treatment.

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What You Can Expect

Step into a brighter future at Bright Future Recovery in Northern California.

Programs That Work

When you lead with compassion, the soul awakens to mend what was once broken into something greater than ever imagined.

We understand the nature of substance addiction and how it can cycle in and out of one’s life. Because it is a recurring disease, ensuring that our clients receive the necessary tools to help get in front of the personal stressors and triggers that increase their risk for relapse is essential, and part of every program.

Our treatment methodology embraces holistic therapies that heal and engage the mind and body, as well as the spirit.

Holistic Therapies

Our holistic and specialized treatment programs cater to the individual and support sobriety longevity.

  • A variety of different groups and experiential activities
  • Multiple sessions weekly with your primary therapist
  • Holistic Services to heal mind, body, and spirit
  • Family Program
  • Culinary Experience

Our Approach

Recovery doesn’t start and stop at rehab. It’s a lifelong process that must be nurtured and strengthened over time. Through our detox, inpatient residential, and aftercare programs, you’ll restore all the good in you and carry it forward into a life of sobriety.

Moreover, each client receives options on how to gain greater self-awareness and self-love through mindfulness practices, fitness, nutrition, and relaxation techniques that boost self-esteem and productivity skills.

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Step into your bright future at Bright Future Recovery in Northern California.