Adolescent Only Residential Detox Center

Located in the heart of Hollister, CA

A Safe Space for Teens and
Adolescents in Recovery

For a teenager struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, adolescent addiction intervention is just the beginning.

Though the next step, rehab for teens, isn’t easier, it is crucial to the recovery process. At the heart of it – for their emotional sanctity – is the need to be in a safe space. The Bright Future Adolescent Only Residential Detox Center provides that, and more.

Adolescent Residential Drug Detox Is Family-Inclusive Treatment

Your child is part of your family dynamic. When he or she is battling teenage alcoholism or drug addiction, the entire family suffers as well. By coming to Bright Future Recovery adolescent residential drug detox, you aren’t losing your teen but gaining a loving and compassionate support network of care.

During a stay at our adolescent-only residence, your teen will enjoy comfortable accommodations inside and outside, as they begin the recovery process. And because they are joined by others, like them, who can speak to the same life struggles that come with growing up emotionally, physically, and spiritually, the path to sobriety is a relatable and welcome experience.

As your loved one benefits from the teen detox program, we communicate with all family members. And together, with your teenager, we determine the best next steps, whether that means continued treatment or some other way to support continued abstinence. In addition, we will recommend therapies, traditional and holistic, that instill ongoing healing and positive health practices.

Our Teen Facility
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